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"We had the pleasure of having Stef come and speak to the Westtown Field Hockey Team this fall on our first day of preseason. Her inspiring speech truly set the tone for our team for what would become a very successful season. Many of Stef's messages and guidance resonated with our players and provided them with motivation to work hard, have dreams, and never give up. She speaks with passion, experience, and extensive knowledge, while also radiating positivity, kindness, and a mission driven to empower student-athletes on and off the field. Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to hear Stef speak and we are immensely grateful for her time to speak here at Westtown."
Westtown Field Hockey
Amanda Oyler
Head Varsity Field Hockey Coach, Westtown School
“I really thought the speech was great. It not only showed us how the near-impossible can be accomplished, but it also showed us that in life, flexibility is not only ok, but it may also end up being beneficial.”
Jimmy Bruder
11th Grade Student
“When you meet Stef Fee, you know right away that you are engaging with a world-class field hockey player and coach. But then you start to read her team communications, observe her interact with players and listen to her tell her story during a keynote presentation and you slowly realize that this is where she really shines. Stef takes advantage of every opportunity to teach those all-important life lessons that not only make better players but better people. She just has this amazing way of organically infusing these skills into every interaction and I am so grateful for the positive impact that Stef is having on my daughter, her teammates and our community.”
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Carolyn Shaud
Parent of Powerhouse athlete
“In November, Coach Fee spoke to the entire Upper School about her experiences at Duke and in the olympics, but more importantly she shared how she got there. She started off by telling us that when she was younger, she knew she wanted to go to the olympics for soccer. Her parents always supported her but when she didn’t make the olympic development program, she was heartbroken. It’s at times like these when most people give up on their dreams, especially when they are as large as Coach Fee’s. However, Coach Fee shared with the Upper School about overcoming this obstacle, which led her to the sport she loves, field hockey. She always asked herself, ‘What’s next?’, never settling for anything but her best. She carried this mentality into her first coaching season at EA. At every practice and game Coach Fee showed us her dedication, passion, and love of the sport, which was also evident in her chapel speech. She showed every player on the field hockey team and every student and teacher listening to her speech in November what hard work and passion can do. She inspired everyone listening to set themselves a goal or achieve their dreams by never settling for anything less. I can speak for every upper school student and teacher when I say that Coach Fee’s chapel speech was one of the most inspiring ones we have heard this year. When I was walking out of the chapel, everyone around me was talking about how impressive Coach Fee is and how motivated they felt after hearing her speak. This is how I felt all field hockey season and I am beyond happy that I get the opportunity to be coached by Stef again next season.”
Ashley Lederman
11th grade student-athlete
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